About Us

New York has Williamsburg,
London has Shoreditch,
Tel Aviv has Florentin.


Voted one of the best neighborhoods in the world, Florentin is a rare gem in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Once you set foot in its streets, you can’t miss that special vibe that flows through the bars, the galleries,

the small workshops and designer stores, and especially through and from the people who inhibit the area.


Inside this unique neighborhood lies Florentin House,

a place built especially to blend people from all over the world into the neighborhood.


Florentin House offers a different experience from other, regular hotels.

It aims to deliver the unrefined and authentic spirit of Florentin, alongside a clean, functional and aesthetic vision.


As befits the cosmopolitan nature of its surroundings, Florentin House advocates fair employment, environmental caring

and first and foremost maximum consideration of the guest’s needs – the rooms fit all kinds of guests,

from one night to several, and the staff is oriented to assist and provide ideas and tips about the area and the city.
Florentin House features reasonable prices, but not at the expense of quality and comfort

it merely reflects the world-view of the neighborhood and its residents.


We invite you to taste the unique atmosphere of a truly special neighborhood, at Florentin House. Welcome!