16 May


Florentin And The Area: The Levinsky Market

Florentin, Tel-Aviv is home to several local destinations that exemplify the local culture. You may have read about a few of these in our blog posts about the local secret places of Florentin.

One of the local secret places that we wrote about is the Levinsky Market. While well known to the local population, it is relatively obscure on the bigger scale. The Levinsky Market is probably the number one must visit location in all of Florentine. If there is one place that you visit, this should be it. In tribute to this essential market, we have decided to dedicate an entire article to it.

More Than Expected

When we think of a market, in our minds it is a collection of fruits and vegetables for sale. This is sometimes called a farmers market. The Levinsky Market in Tel-Aviv, however, is far from your ordinary farmers market. There are several restaurants, shops, bars, and more. The market, which can be found in the southern part of Florentin, is at its core a food market, however, time and hipster culture have fused to create a local hub.

Within the market, the wide range of shops, restaurants, and other stores are enough to spend hours in. Rather than a manufactured series of prefabricated and cookie cutter designs of the modern era, the Levinsky Market is a product of time. It feels (and smells) authentic, with goods and services provided by true locals. Speaking of authentic shops, next we will highlight a few of the local gems that can be found on the market.

Coffee With A Side Of Spice

It is thought that the world quickly advanced once we began to consume coffee as part of a daily ritual. The caffeine-laden drink is not only great for a pick me up, it is also often the center of a social exchange. Coffee shops in all corners of the world see the meeting of minds, and Cafe Atlas in the Levinsky Market is no exception. Run by David and Juliette, this popular coffee spot also sells its coffees and teas, as well as fresh spices.

Lunch And An Ale

If you are more interested in a bite to eat and maybe a stout to go with it, stop by Boutique Naknik. Easily identified by its colorful storefront with baskets and assorted other items piled up high. Arrive early because there are not many seats available.

Finish With Dessert

After strolling the market for a few hours, cap off the day with a famous cookie from Eyal’s Cookies. Eyal personally bakes and serves homemade cookies, and well a few types of bread.

A Lot To Offer

As you see, the Levinsky Market has a lot to offer. While we only touched on a few of the available places to visit within, you need to explore the market for yourself. In a fusion of old world market combined with modern Israeli culture, the Levinsky Market is the place to be.