16 May


While other people are sleeping, you are out playing. Sure, you are up during the day. But at night? At night, you come alive. No matter what your vice is, you come alive in the night time. Maybe you are dancing at a party, rocking out to the latest metal album, or even throwing paint onto a canvas while the rest snooze. In the end, what you are doing does not matter as much as the fact that you are doing it late at night.

For those of us who come alive at night like this, there are few cities available to satisfy our lifestyle. In the United States of America, there is New York City (dubbed the city that never sleeps by the one and only American icon, Frank Sinatra). But what about those of us looking for a more special location? One that not only is alive at nighttime but is flourishing with artists and musicians who are constantly creating and evolving.

When it comes to cities that never sleep, Tel-Aviv is right up there with the best of them. Tel-Aviv has been and is currently experiencing a resurgence of nightlife, driven by a young and modern population.

Not Your Mother’s Tel-Aviv

It’s the 21st century and cities across the world are modernizing. Tel-Aviv is a prime example of a city that has a long standing history and strong culture that is quickly jumping into the modern era. In droves, a youthful crowd of less-strict, more free-living population is taking hold in Tel-Aviv.

A great example of this modernizing is seen in Florentin. It is a mecca for raw talent and impressive artistic skills. This demographic not only likes to create, they also love to live life to the fullest. This has creative a burgeoning nightlife that grows by the day. A wide variety of things are available to do which make Tel-Aviv, and especially Florentine, a great place to life (and play).

A Nightlife Culture

An amazing culture has developed due to this passionate group of people who take residence here. As you know, passion can be far more of a deciding factor than other things, like “luck” or “natural talent”. Someone who is passionate about something works very hard, because to them, it’s not even work, it’s enjoyable. This has, in turn, cultivated an amazing network of available nightlife that enables those who want to come out at night to do so. From bars and restaurants to concerts and nightclubs, Tel-Aviv has it all.

Consider the following: It’s 10 pm and you are hungry. You don’t want to cook something, but you also don’t want fast food. No other options are available. Except, you realize, you are in Tel-Aviv and Tel-Aviv never sleeps! Head to a hot restaurant like Florentin House (the same namesake as the hotel) for a real meal late at night.

Look No Further

Tel-Aviv is a city that never sleeps. Its’ strong culture and unique nightlife landscape combine to result in a fantastic experience for anyone who loves the night. Look no further and visit Tel-Aviv ASAP.