16 May


Tel-Aviv’s Dogs Paradise: Florentin Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Florentin, located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, is an area on the rise. An influx of people and new money is breathing new life into this once vacant place. Well known for 24 hour nightlife and markets, Florentine is also well-known for another thing: a love of dogs.

And when we are talking about dogs in Tel-Aviv, the bar is risen. Not only are many of the animals from sought after breeds and litters, the owners also spend an absorbent amount of money on accessories for these animals. Specialty shops catered towards dogs and their owns continue to pop up in Florentine.


There’s a reason that Florentine, Tel-Aviv is known as the paradise for dogs: they are welcome and accepted alongside their human counterpart. They are not just looked upon with kindness, they are even allowed into shops and even restaurants throughout the city.

This is reiterated in an article from the Times of Israel titled ‘Why Tel Aviv is so crazy about dogs’, “Dogs crowd the streets of Tel Aviv, encouraged by its year-round sunshine and walkability. They’re allowed in most cafes, stores, and even high-even restaurants, as well as on city buses and trains and in taxi vans.”

Clearly, this is a rare experience. In most cities around the world, dogs are prohibited from most shops, restaurants, and other areas. Often times this is due to health code, and although Tel Aviv does have some regulations against animals, they are often ignored.

Dog Boutiques

If you are a dog lover who likes to indulge in fun fashion and accessories for your puppy, then you will fit right in with the locals in Florentin. Many of the local residents are interested in unique items for their dogs. Due to this high demand, dog boutiques began to open around Florentin. In addition, you will never be without a place to purchase a bag of food or a small toy.

Although they may look unassuming and not particularly fancy, do not be fooled by their sometimes rather plain appearances. For example, here is a small pet shop located in Florentine. As you can see, this shop is easily Identified by the cat and dog murals (another of which is on the door that is open) on the exterior. Even the painting itself is an example of the locals positive attitude towards pets, taking great care (and time) to create the piece of art.

Space To Run

Many houses in Florentin are on the smaller side. This is not different than many places. For exercising our animals, places like these are not ideal. Of course, when it comes to Florentin and the surrounding neighborhoods in Tel-Aviv, there are more than 60 dog parks.

Nothing is more liberating for both dog and owner than being able to get off of a leash and roam freely among other animals. This is good for the physical and mental health of both man and his companion.

Florentin Loves Dogs

There’s not much more to be said than Florentine loves dogs and dogs love Florentine. Why? A range of boutiques, a plethora of animal-friendly shops, available dog parks, and the general positive attitude of the average Florentin resident towards them.